Thomas Dale HS front building

School Information

History and Name

Thomas Dale High School was named for Sir Thomas Dale, an English naval commander who served as colonial deputy-governor of the Colony of Virginia.

The school was built in 1906 and named Chester Agricultural High School. In 1917, it was renamed Chester High School. In 1942 it was given its current name of Thomas Dale High School.

In the early 1940s, a new building was constructed on the western side of the original building. This building, formerly known as Chester Middle School, stands today as the Thomas Dale Ninth Grade Campus. The 1906 structure was later demolished. In 1964, another replacement facility opened less than a mile east on State Route 10.

In the mid-1980s, the building saw a small expansion, followed in the early 1990s by some interior renovation and the addition of air conditioning.

To alleviate overcrowding, an annex known as the Thomas Dale West Campus opened in 1997 in the former Carver Middle School building on Branders Bridge Road. This facility housed the 9th grade.

Between 1999 and 2001, the 1964 building underwent a massive expansion and a complete interior and exterior renovation. Thomas Dale West Campus closed with the completion of this project. The Thomas Dale West Campus was later turned into what is now Chesterfield Community High school.

Though the 2001 expansion was projected to accommodate the school’s population for decades, the student population grew rapidly. It was decided that neighboring Chester Middle School would be shut down due to budget cuts and the overcrowding at Thomas Dale, thus the high school annexed Chester Middle. Ninth graders are currently housed at the former Chester Middle School, now known as the Thomas Dale Ninth Grade Campus, while 10th – 12th graders are at the main campus.

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Main Campus

3626 West Hundred Road
Chester, Virginia 23831

Office: (804) 768-6245
Fax: (804) 768-6256
Attendance Office: (804) 768-6245 ext. 6635
Counseling Office: (804) 768-6245 ext. 6622
Athletic Office: (804) 768-6245 ext. 6615

West Campus

3900 West Hundred Road
Chester, Virginia 23831

Office: (804) 768-6145
Fax: (804) 768-6152
Attendance Office: (804) 768-6145 ext. 219
Counseling Office: (804) 768-6145 ext. 235
Athletic Office: (804) 768-6145 ext. 6615